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A Look at Super Soups


Who are they?


Not everyone who comes to the farmers market has time to make delicious meals from scratch every night. In fact, not many people have that luxury with after-school activities and late work schedules, but Barbara Gibson of Super Soups wants her customers to always have a delicious and nutritious dinner even when pressed for time. Super Soups is based out of Meriden, where Barbara develops, tests, and hand-packages many varieties of soup mixes that can be put together in about 30 minutes. Utilizing only the best ingredients, you can be sure you’re getting a quality meal with each of Super Soup’s soup mixes.


What do they sell?



Super Soups sells a wide variety of soup mix flavors to market customers, and has recently started making dip mixes as well. Barbara sells the classics like noodle soup and corn chowder that are always popular, but she also has a number of unique flavors like an Algerian vegetable, which utilizes a mint, ginger, and cinnamon spice combination, and a secret soup recipe Barbara’s been serving for decades called Ski Slope Soup. Her best sellers are probably her tomato cheddar and mac & cheese soups - true comfort foods! Her dip mixes have also taken off with flavors like cheddar beer, garden, and smoked cheddar jalepeño. Super Soups is always coming up with new, exciting products, and Barbara hopes to start a line of meals for backpackers in the near future.


Why Super Soups?

Stay away from the commercially processed soups! They are loaded with salt, added preservatives, and low quality ingredients. With Super Soups, you are getting only the best quality ingredients and absolutely no added salt. Barbara uses dehydrated ingredients that when cooked provide the same flavor and size as fresh. The use of dehydrated ingredients also allows for speedy cooking, and the best part? All you need is water! Super Soups are fantastic for college students, seniors, and anyone who does not have the means or time to make a from-scratch meal regularly. Barbara loves what she does, including chatting and befriending her customers. After 3 years at the market, Barbara is incredibly thankful for her loyal customers and looks forward to chatting with new customers every week!

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