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A Look at Blessed Creek


Who are they?

We often focus on the importance and quality of the food we put into our bodies,

but what about the various lotions and serums we put onto our skin? Jeanie Wild,

owner of Blessed Creek, explains that our skin is our largest organ, and everything

we put on it is absorbed into our bodies, making its way into our bloodstreams and

organs. After being diagnosed with a life- altering illness, Jeanie started researching, and discovered this fact about our skin. She then starting making her own skincare products while going to school to become a nutritional therapist, herbalist, and esthetician. After finding success with family and friends, Jeanie started making her skincare to sell, and from there, Blessed Creek took off!


What do they sell?


If it’s a skincare product, Blessed Creek sells it! From body butter

(a personal favorite!) to lip balm, Jeanie is always making new and

exciting products. Harvesting herbs on her property in Suffield,

Jeanie uses her background in herbalism to infuse various oils and craft products that help and heal. Jeanie understands the benefits that herbs have topically, and works with her customers to create products per their request. The body powder and “Don’t Bug Me!” insect repellent are summertime best-sellers, while the salves, balms, and foaming hand soap are popular year round. Blessed Creek also sells some non-skincare products, like room and their newly popular toilet sprays!


Why Blessed Creek?


Blessed Creek has an incredibly loyal following with customers

regularly running up to Jeanie and gasping, “I’m almost out of…!”

Blessed Creek customers do not want to ever run out of their

favorites and after trying their products out for yourself, you

won’t either. With the amount of research and education that is involved in the creation of each of Blessed Creek’s products, you can be sure you’re getting the best of the best in natural skincare. Jeanie is always in control of her products from creation to packaging and eventually, into your hands. She also listens to the needs and concerns of her customers and crafts custom-made products. With Blessed Creek you can be sure you’re getting an expert product, crafted by a passionate skincare professional.

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