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A Look at Holy Cannoli


Who are they?


Cannoli at a farmers market? Though it may sound unusual, Holy Cannoli’s treats are something you’re going to want to try between shopping for your seasonal veggies and fresh eggs! Andrew Gibson started Holy Cannoli only about a year and a half ago, but his business selling the Italian pastries has already taken off. An avid baker and quick learner, Andrew taught himself how to make the pastries himself through research, and of course, in Andrew’s words, “Having a ‘true’ Italian alter my recipe!”


What do they sell?


Holy Cannoli sells three different flavors of cannoli: Vanilla, Chocolate, and a non-traditional, apple pie flavor (a must-try!). For those of you who have never had a cannoli, it is an Italian pastry comprised of a crispy outer shell filled with a sweet, ricotta-based filling. The pastry is an absolute staple in Italian dessert and can be found at the front of the case in almost every Italian bakery.


Why Holy Cannoli?


The answer is simple, Holy Cannoli’s pastries are absolutely delicious. They are the real deal and they taste great! One customer even remarking to Andrew that his cannoli are, “As good as anything between Franklin Avenue and Fed Hill!” Pretty high praise, don’t ya think? If you’re looking for a fun dessert to bring to the family cookout this weekend, try a box of Andrew’s cannoli. Whether you are an avid cannoli-lover, who frequents Hartford’s South End or a newcomer to Italian pastries, you are sure to love Holy Cannoli’s scrumptious desserts!

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