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Let's Paws and Eat

by Betty Reece

Like so many of us, Brittany Tremont, founder and owner of Let’s Paws and Eat of East Hartford, was laid off during the pandemic. The uncertainty of the changing world inspired her to find her passion and to do what made her happy. An avid home cook and baker, in December 2020 she decided to create her own business making dog treats right from home and offering them for sale online. So, she set to work thinking of a name, creating a logo, registering her business, and experimenting with her recipes.


Her beloved dog, Sebastian is the inspiration behind the genius. He has a sensitive gut and is allergic to chicken, so she needed to make a recipe that suited his needs. And she did! He absolutely loves her handmade dog treats! Brittany’s passion for pups and dedication to quality motivate her to only use healthy, wholesome, and appropriate components and her treats are produced with limited ingredients and without additives, fillers, or preservatives



As a new guest vendor to the market, Let’s Paws and Eat offers a unique addition to our mostly human-centered vendor lineup. Brittany loves what she does and would never make a treat she wouldn't give to her own beloved Sebastian. Let’s Paws and Eat is still growing and coming up with new ideas and flavors to make for our best friends. Brittany is so excited to be part of the Ellington Farmers’ Market family and can't wait to see what the future brings for her business!


Brittany Tremont

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