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A Look at Smyth’s Trinity Farm


Who are they?


Remember the days when instead of running into the gas station to grab a gallon of milk on the way home, the milkman delivered glass-bottles of farm fresh milk to your door every week?

Well Smyth’s Trinity Farm of Enfield is still delivering and selling their cows’ milk, and have been for generations! In fact, Smyth’s Trinity Farm was one of the first vendors at the Ellington Farmers Market and because of the demand for their milk by the town’s residents, they began an Ellington home delivery route. Anne Dugas and her brother, Sam, have been owners of Smyth’s Trinity Farm since 2010 after taking over the farm from their parents. Having grown up in the dairy industry, they take great pride in the care of their cows and are excited to bring fresh, local dairy products to the market every week.


What do they sell?


Smyth’s Trinity Farm has a full-line of dairy products including butter, cheese curds, yogurt, flavored milks like chocolate, coffee, and strawberry, and of course, their best-selling whole- milk! They also have lower fat milks like 1% and skim, and all of their products come from their herd of Holstein, Jersey, and Ayrshire cows, each breed offering a different nutritional component to their dairy products. If you plan to attend the market in the hopes of buying some of Smyth’s butter or cheese curds, you might want to call the farm ahead of time to check availability, as they only make those two products on Fridays depending on how much fat they get from that week’s batch!


Why Smyth’s Trinity Farm?


If you’re tired of wondering where your dairy products come from and whether or not the cows are well-taken care of, look no further than Smyth’s Trinity Farm. They have proudly provided fresh, nutritious dairy-products to the community for generations, and are happy to answer any and all questions. They also invite customers to visit their farm store to see how they raise their cows and bottle their milk since the entire process is done right on their farm. This process cuts down on emissions and ensures absolute freshness. With Smyth’s Trinity Farm you can be sure the very first time the milk leaves the farm is when it’s put in your hands!

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