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A Look at Toes to Nose Soap



Who are they?

Marie Bedor, owner of Toes to Nose soaps has been making soap for almost ten years. After first trying homemade soap made by her daughter’s close friend, Marie was hooked, and refused to use store bought soap again! Unable to find homemade soap in the Ellington area, Marie taught herself how to make it, and fell in love with the practice. She started making batches of soap and playing around with different scents: the only problem? What to do with it all! Luckily, at the time, the Ellington Farmers Market didn’t have a soap vendor, and the rest is history…

What do they sell?

Toes to Nose soaps is pretty straightforward in what they sell. Marie does make other products like lip balm and bath bombs, but her main focus is luxurious, quality soaps. She has a number of core scents, such as lavender, patchouli, and lemon-verbena. These are definitely Toes to Nose’s most popular scents, but she does experiment with new scent combinations and seasonal scents like cranberry, and denser, more piney scents for the winter. Marie is currently working to perfect a new product: TTNS Essentials, which is a goat milk based soap scented with essential oils. Toes to Nose is also meticulous in their packaging, ensuring that each bar is beautifully wrapped and presented.




Why Toes to Nose?

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I spend money on homemade soap when I can get a bar of soap in almost any store?” The answer is actually fairly scientific. Marie explains that in large, processed batches of soap, glycerin becomes a byproduct, but in homemade soap, glycerin remains a part of the product. Glycerin creates an undetectable film on the skin, trapping moisture in, creating a super moisturizing product that you can feel immediately. After all, there is a reason Marie tried homemade soap only one time and refused to use store bought soap again! Toes to Nose is also completely Ellington based. Marie fondly says, “My soaps never leave town until you buy them!.” Oh, one more thing! Homemade soap also leaves less soap scum in your tub, which means less scrubbing. Honestly, if that isn’t reason enough to fall in love with Toes to Nose, I don't know what is!


You can follow Toes to Nose Soaps on Facebook and Instagram.

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