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Who are they?



Mom always taught us that eating our greens is good for us, but what about micro-greens? After speaking with Rebecca Salva of Biossential Greens about the benefits of their product, I think mom would’ve definitely agreed that microgreens are even better! After deciding to make healthier eating choices, Rebecca and Mark Salva of Biossential Greens used their backgrounds in science and medical anthropology to study how micro-greens work and how they benefit our health. The husband and wife team have perfected the science of growing incredibly nutrient- dense micro-greens, and now sell them at the weekly market all year round.


What do they sell?


Whether you’re looking for an herbal blend to spice up your dinner recipes or trying to boost your immune system with a wheat-grass shot, Biossential Greens has you covered, and luckily, you can enjoy the same quality greens you buy in the summer, all winter long. Rebecca explains that all their micro-greens are grown indoors utilizing a vertical growing system. Their seeds are, of course, non-GMO, and mostly heritage, and Biossential uses environmentally friendly growing practices so you can feel good about every aspect of what you’re buying.


Why Biossential Greens?


Biossential Greens’ Mark and Rebecca Salva are experts in everything they sell from the growing process to how their micro-greens have bettered the lives and health of their customers. They are passionate about how raw vegetables and quality nutrition can help individuals overcome many health concerns, and make people simply feel better. Mark and Rebecca have also perfected the science of growing their micro-greens to increase their longevity, lasting up to 10 or more days. Their greens are harvested the day before the market, triple-washed, and packaged to last. If you’re looking to better your health and start eating nutrient-dense veggies, Biossential Greens should be your next stop at the market.


A Look at Biossential Greens

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