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A Look at Dragon’s Blood Elixir


Who are they?


If you’re ready to give your daily meals a real flavor boost, put down the

generic vinegar-based hot sauce and stop by the Dragon’s Blood Elixir booth to

try one of their many hot sauce flavors (we’re talkin’ about 36 varieties, folks!)

and chat with owner, and hot sauce expert, Doug Crane. After 40 years as a professional cook in the restaurant business, Doug quit and started Dragon’s Blood Elixir. Since then he’s gone on to create endless hot sauce varieties and win numerous awards. Many people get nervous when hearing “hot sauce,” imagining a mouth- scorching sauce that singes all taste-buds, but Doug explains that he creates cooking sauces with wide flavor profiles, not tongue-numbing condiments.


What do they sell?


Doug of Dragon’s Blood Elixir creates a new

sauce every week. That’s right – a new sauce

every week, which means the varieties are

endless. His most popular and staple sauce is, of course, their signature “Dragon’s Blood Elixir”, which has won numerous awards in the hot sauce world, but the most exciting aspect of Dragon’s Blood Elixir is that Doug is inspired at the market each week by what’s available. He’ll purchase fresh peaches or a bundle of rhubarb, for example, and use those items to create a new sauce that week. He also runs a fantastic community program called The Stone Soup Project, where he gives out seedlings in May & June to customers, who grow and nurture the plants all season. In the autumn, Doug invites customers to bring back their pepper crop, which he makes into a unique sauce: “Stone Soup.” When stopping by Dragon’s Blood Elixir, you are always getting a distinct sauce that’s full of flavor.


Why Dragon’s Blood Elixir?

Doug’s mission is simple, but important: he wants to help people

remove unnecessary salt and sugar from their diets by embracing

the use of spice and depth of flavor in his sauces. Because of Doug’s background as a professional cook, he understands the nuances of flavor and what each of his sauces can bring to your dishes. Every sauce is made in small batches and tailored to the wants of his customers. He has a loyal group of regulars who collect his sauces week by week, and if you’re new to the market, he invites you to stop by and try a sample. You’re sure to be a convert!

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