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Who Are They?

Amazing Ackee is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Chantal and Webster Thomas. From its inception as a blog about the National fruit of Jamaica from which it takes its name, to an after-work passion project utilizing a shared commercial kitchen, to eventually acquiring a private commercial kitchen, Amazing Ackee continues to grow in popularity and demand. This is undoubtedly due not only to the amazing products they produce and sell, but also to Chantal’s infectious positivity. According to her, the best part of selling at the Ellington Farmers’ Market is interacting with the wonderful shoppers she encounters there. She loves to chat with regulars and first timers alike. Stop by the booth to say hi and pick up some delicious Caribbean inspired treats.

What they sell?

Amazing Ackee sells a variety of vegan Jamaican patties, with flavor combinations like Curried Chickpea and Zucchini, hot and spicy Jerk Spiced Eggplant, and, of course, Amazing Ackee. Chantal and the team have recently begun to offer highly sought-after gluten-free patties as well! They are available in all of the same inspired flavors as the regular patties. In addition to their delicious patties, Amazing Ackee sells vegan Coco bread (a soft roll typically had with patties, often compared to Hawaiian rolls), and a variety of delicious vegan treats including cookies, pop tarts and cinnamon rolls which vary seasonally. If you are looking for something to spice up your plant-based routine, or maybe are wondering what to serve a vegan or gluten-free guest, Amazing Ackee can help!

Why Amazing Ackee?


Amazing Ackee started as a blog to illustrate the versatility of ackee, Jamaica’s much loved but often maligned national fruit. After many inquiries from blog readers about a restaurant or food truck, Chantal decided to “bring the blog to life” starting with her ackee patties. Realizing that the market for vegan Caribbean food was underserved in the Hartford County area, she decided to hone in on the patties expanding the flavor offerings then expanding the menu to include Caribbean inspired treats that were also plant based. Now, after tasting her delicious food, her customers often say, “Wow, I can see why they it’s called amazing!” Quality is Chantal’s highest priority, and she and her small team still make each and every patty by hand. Chantal credits the success of Amazing Ackee in large part to the warm welcome she received at the Ellington Farmers’ Market. Our community so enjoyed her Caribbean treats that Amazing Ackee quickly changed from guest vendor to regular vendor in their first market season! To learn more, or to place an order, please visit the Amazing Ackee website. You can also visit the blog that started it all at

Chantel and Webster Thomas
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