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A Look at Copper Hill Farm


Who are they?


There’s nothing quite as comforting and delicious as

a plate of bacon and eggs on a weekend morning; and

what makes that breakfast even better? Buying that

very food from a local farmer who is proud and passionate about the product he raises. Copper Hill Farm was started in 2009 by Greg Hazelton and sits right up the street from the market in Somers, Connecticut. Greg brings pasture-raised pork, chicken, and eggs to the Ellington Farmers Market on a weekly basis and also has a variety of heirloom vegetables to pick from as well. Born and raised in Ellington, Greg is thrilled to bring quality, clean food to the market every week

What do they sell?


Copper Hill Farm is most well-

known for their pasture-raised

pork products and eggs, and if you

stop by their booth, it’ll be difficult to leave without a slab of nitrate-free bacon (a best seller!) and a dozen eggs. Ya know, for that Sunday morning bacon and eggs you’ve been thinking about! In fact, Copper Hill Farm sells a whopping 80 dozen eggs every market! All of Copper Hill’s livestock is pasture-raised including their Heritage breed pigs, chickens, and thanksgiving turkeys. Copper Hill also grows and sells a wide-variety of heirloom vegetables of all shapes, sizes, and varieties.

Why Copper Hill Farm?

Greg Hazleton of Copper Hill Farm believes that transparency is vital with everything he sells. With Copper Hill’s products, you are always getting organic, pasture-raised food, and all livestock are fed clean, organic feed, or locally grown grain. They also use their own animals to fertilize their heirloom produce, ensuring that they never utilize harmful fertilizers or pesticides. Copper Hill Farm encourages questions about their products, even doing farm tours to see how their livestock is raised. They are passionate about getting the community involved in eating well. So go ahead, chat with them at the market! They are happy to answer any and all questions. For Copper Hill Farm, the motto is simple: clean food is good food, and that’s exactly what you’re getting.

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