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Pease Bees

Who are they?


William Blake once said, “The busy bee has no time for sorrow.” When asked what beekeeping brings to his life, David Pease said, with a twinkle in his eye, “It keeps me out of trouble.” He likes to joke that he got into beekeeping because he lost his dog and needed a new pet. The truth is, he was out picking pumpkins at a local farm one fall and saw a “Honey for Sale” sign. After talking with the farmer about his bees, Dave decided to give beekeeping a try. Over 20 years later, Pease Bees are at the market every Saturday offering a wide variety of products for our community to enjoy.

What do they sell?

All things honey and bee! Looking for raw local honey to prevent and tame allergies? Enjoy the occasional creamed honey and peanut butter sandwich? Looking for the perfect gift for the bee or honey lover in your life? Pease Bees sells all of this and more. Dave handles the beekeeping and honey production, and his partner Sue has built a beautiful collection of bee themed merch for sale. They have honey soaps, adorable beeswax candles, honey lip balm and hand cream, hive themed décor, bee barrettes and bows, honey candies, combed honey, bee pollen, and, for a short time each year, blueberry honey. A veteran Ellington Farmers’ Market vendor—Pease Bees aims to please!

Why Pease Bees?

The products for sale at Pease Bees benefit from the level of experience and care poured into them by beekeeper David Pease. And the benefits of bee products are too numerous to list here…but we’ll try. Comb honey, honey in its rawest form, has been shown to help fight infection, improve heart health, and boost liver function. Health benefits of bee pollen include its ability to decrease inflammation and improve immune responses. Beeswax candles are environmentally safe, non-toxic, and burn cleanly. Our friends, the bees, pollinate the plants that sustain us all. And there is so much more to know.  Luckily, Dave is happy to discuss his passion project with bee aficionados and “newbees” alike—so stop by the Pease Bees stand one of these Saturdays for a free sample of David’s delicious golden honey and a bit of friendly conversation.


David shares his knowledge of bee keeping and a living bee hive at the annual Bugs and Bees Day to the delight of many!

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