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A Look at New England Green Mushrooms


Who are they?

Chances are you’ve never had the opportunity to buy locally grown, fresh mushrooms unless you’ve visited New England Green Mushrooms at the Ellington Farmers Market. In business for 8 years, New England Green Mushrooms is helmed by husband and wife team Donna and Jack Yurgel in Tolland. After taking a vacation to Pennsylvania and learning how to grow mushrooms themselves, the couple started growing them for family and friends, and that community soon told them how great they were and that they should look into selling them. The obvious next step? Bring them to the farmers market, and that’s exactly what they did!


What do they sell?


If you’re looking for the freshest Shitake mushrooms you’ve likely ever had the chance to buy, then look no further than New England Green Mushrooms! Donna and Jack sell Shitake mushrooms in a variety of forms. They, of course, sell fresh mushrooms, but they also sell dried mushrooms and a best-selling 100% shitake mushroom powder. If you’ve never used mushroom powder before, try it on vegetables for a subtle umami flavor or even in a smoothie! The health benefits of mushroom powder are endless and gaining popularity. New England Green Mushrooms also sells fresh produce from their gardens as well including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and whatever else flourishes that season!


Why New England Green Mushroom?


When chatting with Donna Yurgel, she remarked that most of her customers say, “These mushrooms don’t look at all like the ones in the store…” To which Donna replies, “Thank you!” Most people don’t know what fresh mushrooms look like because most store bought mushrooms are weeks old, whereas New England Green Mushrooms are picked fresh the day of the market. You can absolutely taste the difference with New England Green Mushrooms, while the health benefits are incredible as well. Mushroom powders are gaining incredible popularity among health gurus, but you can really only find quality powders online. New England Green Mushrooms is way ahead of the curve, selling their mushroom powder at the weekly market.

Whether you’re interested in only buying local or want the health benefits Shitake mushrooms bring, New England Green Mushrooms is a booth you must visit!

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