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A Look at Clear Mountain Alpacas


Who are they?

If you’ve been to the Ellington Farmers Market, you may have paid a visit to a

couple of friendly alpacas in the center of Arbor Park. Those friendly market guests are from Clear Mountain Alpacas, a popular vendor selling soft, warm, and beautiful alpaca products. Started in 2007 in Somers, Connecticut, Clear Mountain Alpacas is an alpaca farm with over 50 head of alpaca (and one llama!). Cindy and Ed Garrow, along with their two sons, Logan and Brian, raise and breed show-winning alpacas and sell products made from the alpacas’ incredible fleece at the market.

What do they sell?

At the Ellington Farmers Market, you’ll find a variety of knitted products and yarns from Clear Mountain Alpacas. Their best-selling product is without a doubt their velvety soft socks, made from the softest grade fleece. They also sell scarves, hats, mittens and gloves to keep you warm and cozy during the long, New England winters, along with dryer balls (a money saving, eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets!) and boot inserts made from a coarser grade fleece, while the finest grade fleece goes to boutique yarns and roving. Cindy’s mom, Judy, also handmakes all of Clear Mountain Alpaca’s baby products!


Why Clear Mountain Alpaca?

According to Cindy, “There is nothing like a pair of

alpaca fleece socks!” The minute you put them on,

you can feel the difference, but comfort is just the

tip of the iceberg with Clear Mountain Alpacas. This completely family-run farm and business is passionate about their animals and the products they give. From preconception to the final product at the market, the Garrow family is hands-on in their creation. They study the genetics of their alpacas in order improve the breed and in turn, improve the fleece, so you are always getting the highest quality product from them.

You can follow them on Facebook and visit their website.

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