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Who are they?


If you’ve purchased maple syrup from the Ellington Farmer’s Market, chances are it’s from
Western View Farm. Helmed by Deb Dszemreylo of West Stafford, Western View Farm is a
family owned farm selling everything from local maple syrup, veggies, fresh eggs, jams and pickles, to a variety of relishes and more.  Deb comes from a long-line of farmers so you might say growing fresh food on her own land is in her blood. After all, she has been doing it since she was a child! Deb’s husband taught her the art of maple syrup making, another family practice. In fact, he carves the maple taps by hand! Western View Farm was one of the original vendors of the Ellington Farmers Market, selling their maple syrup which is now a best-seller and staple at the weekly market.

What do they sell?





Western View Farm might be known for their local maple syrup, but they also sell homegrown
veggies, like their incredibly popular summer tomatoes (which sell out very quickly, so get there
early!), along with farm fresh eggs and delicious canned goods. Since Deb’s family has been in
the farming industry for many generations, she sells a number of products that are made from the produce she grows following secret family recipes such as her grandmother’s famous bread and butter pickles and sweet pepper relish.


Why Western View Farm?






With Western View Farm you can rest easy knowing you are getting a local product, grown and
made by farmers who have generations of experience. The maple syrup comes from maple
trees right up the street in West Stafford, where the vegetables are grown as well.
Western View Farm also refuses to use phosphate fertilizers with their crops, instead using only
natural fertilizers. Their eggs come from show-quality, free-range chickens, ensuring the eggs
are healthier and tastier. You can absolutely taste the difference! As for their canned goods:
most of their recipes are passed down from generation to generation, and made by hand by
Deb. She hand-cuts her pickles, unable to find a machine that is up to standard. Western View
Farm assures you quality products that are a family tradition.

A Look at Western View Farm

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