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A Look at Luann’s Bakery


Who are they?


There’s no denying that if you’ve ever been to the Ellington Farmers Market, you know Luann’s Bakery well. The minute you walk into the market, the warm aroma of their sweet baked goods draws you to their booth. Luann’s Bakery started in the home of Luann Hoffman in 1980. She started baking for family and friends, and like many other vendors, eventually found herself at the Ellington Farmers Market when her product became popular outside of her inner community. The business became so popular that at one point, there were 16 people working out of Luann’s home bakery! Luann’s Bakery is a staple at the market and has been for years, and thanks to the popularity at the market, the bakery now has a brick-and-mortar location on Route 83 after being purchased by Josh Virkler in 2016. Josh helped Luann get out of her home kitchen and into a true bakery and café!


What do they sell?


It’s difficult not to salivate when walking into Luann’s booth at the market. They have shelves stocked with pies of every flavor, sweet rolls, muffins, breads, cookies, and more! They also sell savory items like quiches and Luann’s famous picnic breads, a Stromboli-like bread filled with meats and cheeses, including a ham, bacon, egg, and cheese variety that can be bought by the slice at the market: a perfect breakfast while shopping for the rest of your market goods!


Why Luann’s Bakery?



When eating one of Luann’s cinnamon rolls or muffins, you can’t help but feel like it came from grandma’s kitchen. There is always a smile on the faces of Luann’s Bakery patrons! All of her baked goods are made from scratch with quality ingredients and done so right up the street by members of the Ellington community. You can taste the love and care behind each of Luann’s treats, and the passion the bakery has for making the community happy with their food. One of Luann’s Bakery’s missions is to build lasting relationships within the community, and there’s no doubt that they have, and continue to do that by bringing scrumptious treats to the market every week.

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