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A Look at Pinnacle Produce.

Who are they?


If you’ve ever stopped by Ellington’s popular Farmers Market, you’ll likely have noticed Pinnacle Produce, an Ellington-based, year-round vendor selling their scrumptious jams, salsas, pickles, salads, and even an incredibly popular Bloody Mary mix!  The produce used in their products is grown right down the street from the market using organic methods.  If you frequent the market, consider yourself lucky because Pinnacle Produce is exclusive to the Ellington Farmers' Market.


What do they sell?


At Pinnacle Produce, you’ll find a variety of different goodies from sweet and rich to savory and spicy, all with one constant: fresh, homegrown ingredients. Their booth is usually lined with jams like blackberry bourbon, strawberry rhubarb, apple pie, and peach, along with their fresh salsas like their roasted corn and peach habanero. Another specialty is their wilted cucumber salad, a secret recipe and wildly popular amongst market patrons. Being that all of their products come fresh from their garden, the merchandise varies depending on what’s in season. The Pinnacle team also sells homemade Chnöpfli, a fresh, fully-cooked pasta that is a staple in the Swiss community. It resembles a German Spaetzle and is made fresh for Pinnacle each market.

Why Pinnacle Produce?


With Pinnacle Produce, you always know exactly where your food comes from. After all, it only travels about half a mile from their garden into your hands! Pinnacle Produce utilizes unique flavors that are ever-changing depending on what’s in season. Their produce is picked 2-3 days before being made into a salsa, jam, or salad, and then brought to the market on Saturday, ensuring absolute freshness. Also, as with a number of vendors at the Ellington Farmers’ Market, in buying Pinnacle Produce, you’re directly supporting a group of people in your community. There’s also something incredibly gratifying about being able to talk directly to the person who grows the food. With Pinnacle Produce you are getting fresh, delicious food grown by your own community members.

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