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A Look at Foster Hill Farm-Stafford Springs


Who are they?







In the 1960s Kim Milikowski’s great grandfather, Ben, was growing Big Boy tomatoes in the alley near his house in Pennsylvania.  As a little girl Kim would help her grandfather carry milk jugs of water to the garden and care for the plants.  Today, Kim and her husband, Karl, operate Foster Hill Farm in Stafford and, along with annuals, specialty peppers and herbs, grow over 100 varieties of heirloom and specialty tomato seedlings every year.  Big Boy is always on the list.  They have a small garden shop at their farm that is open seasonally and they participate in the Ellington Farmers’ Markets in the spring.


What Do They Sell


Foster Hill Farm brings heirloom and specialty tomato and pepper seedlings and herb plants to the Ellington Farmers’ Market in May and June.  You will find some of your favorite, proven performers and many interesting and hard-to-find varieties.  Come try a Persimmon or Abe Lincoln Original tomato plant that were most likely grown in this area over 200 years ago.   The seedlings are all sold individually so you can try an assortment of varieties without having to purchase a 6-pack of 1 kind.  Pepper plants, including many hot peppers, are also offered individually. 


Why Foster Hill Farm?



If you want to grow something a little different, Foster Hill Farm is worth a visit.  From hard-to-find herbs like Borage, West Indian Lemon Grass and Feverfew to Caribbean Red Habernero, Ghost and Thai Hot Peppers.  With over 100 varieties of tomatoes you are sure to find a few to try in your garden.  A large variety is brought to the EFM every week with a complete selection available at the farm in Stafford.  All plants are grown on site at Foster Hill Farm.  For more info and a complete plant list visit or follow them on their facebook page.

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